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"Where the Latchstring is always out"

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Good land and good cattle soundly managed have made our family venture at Green Meadow Farms a profitable and pleasant way of life. Our farm consists of 6,500 acres of land and 9,500 head of cattle, many of which are registered. The majority of the herd is Holsteins with a few Brown Swiss.
Merle H Green with Milly
Merle Green with Green-Meadow
Milly Vitality EX 95
Merle H. Green was the founder of Green Meadow Farms. His legacy continues today with the help of his family. Merle purchased his first registered Holstein in 1917. The home farm was purchased in 1922. From 1931 to 1952, he also owned a farm in New Jersey. He shipped many grade cattle there and held auctions every few weeks.
In 1943, the Green Meadow herd was sold. The dispersal of 325 registered Holsteins was at that time the largest in the history of the breed. Another herd was soon assembled and dispersed again in 1945. All open heifers were kept this time, including Green-Meadow Lily Pabst. She went on to make the world record of 42,805 lbs. of milk in 1951. She held this record for some 20 years.

In 1954, there were 250 cows being milked in tie stall barns at a number of locations. At this time a partnership was formed between Merle's sons Duane and Velmar. In 1960, a milking parlor with loose housing was built and the herd expanded to 500. In 1961, another 500 cows were added. Between 1961 and 1980 the herd continued to grow. Surplus heifers were sold throughout the USA and to many foreign countries. Green  Meadow cattle have been shown at many state and national shows. Extensive showing across the country was done from 1946-1970. Green Meadow holds the record for longest consecutive exhibitor at the Michigan State Fair.

In 1985 a 32-stall polygon parlor was built. Included in that expansion was a calf barn with a capacity of 352 calves. The milking herd size was 1,700 head. Duane and Velmar have been very active in a variety of dairy organizations. Duane has served as President of the National Holstein Association and Chairman of the Holstein Foundation. Velmar is Treasurer of Michigan Milk Producers Association and Chairman of the National Milk Producers Animal Health Committee.

The next expansion, located on Riley Rd., was completed in February 1998. This increased the milking herd size to 3,200. This included 4-550 cow barns, a double 30 herringbone parlor, and an overhead visitor observation center.

The latest major expansion to the farm was completed in July 2001, which includes 4 barns with a total capacity for 1500 cows, a double 20 herringbone parlor, maternity barn, and a state of the art treatment barn. The milking herd and close cows on Hollister Rd. were then relocated to this facility.

The farm is now owned and managed by Velmar and Margaret and their children. Craig, his wife Darcy, and Margie. Today, Green Meadow Farms is one of the largest dairy operations in Michigan and has the one of the largest herd of registered Holsteins in North America.


6400 Hollister Rd
Elsie, MI 48831

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